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Andy Stanley is well known for compromise in the name of grace. He regularly insults the Word of God (the Bible) and sows doubt regarding it's accuracy and importance. The Grace of God, released in 2010, shares a needed message of God's grace, but threaded throughout the book are biblical falsehoods. Andy is a master of language, and he uses his mastery to denigrate God's Word, God's righteousness, and the severity of sin.
This entry is a model prayer for the United States, which can be applied to any country or nation or nationality, that is based on Jesus' model of prayer from the Sermon on the Mount.
The Bible's lessons on respecting governmental authority can be tough to swallow in our current culture of excessive freedom (and yes, that freedom is a grace from God), but this doesn't negate the Bible's words on the topic. The Bible says that all government is God ordained. If it was true in Nero's time, we have no excuse to deny the same truth today. How doe we respond as Christians to the Biblical truths regarding government?

Many people think that they can simply live good lives and that will be enough of a witness to others, but the Bible doesn't agree with this. The Bible says that it is the gospel that is the power of God for salvation, even though it is an offense as well. We must be willing to share the full gospel with others, which includes acknowledging people's sin. If one doesn't know he has sinned against God, he will not realize that he needs to repent and turn from sin in receiving salvation.
"If Bush is not reelected, the world will end as we know it, and if God is in control, he will win!" -When he was not reelected, "God is still in control, and this isn't the end of the world."

At a prayer meeting when Clinton was president, hearing "If Clinton doesn't immediately turn and do (something), strike him dead to remove him from office."

Hearing of a native Russian in 1993 speaking about removing Lenin's statues in Russia, "I don't think they should take him down... Because he's a part of our history... The Bible says we are to respect the government, and he was our government too."

What are the circumstances that should drive our voting? Our protesting? Our going to war? Our fighting against other humans who are made in God's image? Or is our battle a spiritual one, and are we doing it all wrong?

Watch this amazing pro-life speech by Gianna Jessen at Queen's Hall Parliament House in Victoria, Australia, on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria. In the face of the lying cry "my body, my choice," Gianna speaks for the many innocent boys and girls who are never given a say about what is done to their bodies.
This journal entry was penned during the opening days of "Obamacare" when Hobby Lobby was suing so they would not have to fund abortion. The entry discusses the science of what is and is not a true "pregnancy" and with that, what is or is not a true "abortion."