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It seems everyone today is declaring and decreeing rather than asking God according to his word. Is this a biblical stance in prayer for all situations and circumstances? Have we really been given such authoritative power in our lives? Isn't it God who calls things that be not as though they were? Is there anyone else in the Bible who similarly wanted to be like the Most High?
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the "prophets of God" out of the woodwork, despite none of them seeming to have predicted the outbreak in the first place. What does the Bible say about prophecy, and does the New Testament teach that accuracy no longer matters? This article explores (and exposes) the modern prophecy movement found in many churches today, and looks to the Bible to see what God's word really says about the subject.
Some people in the Word of Faith movement try to "protect" the reputation of God by saying that anything "bad" we might see in the Bible is not a direct result of God doing something, but rather is a result of his "permissive will." In other words, they claim "God's hands are clean, as someone else carried out the deed." This same group teaches that "Jesus is perfect theology" and since Jesus only showed love, anything from the Bible that we would not consider "love" cannot be attributed to God directly. There is no biblical support for this false teaching. In fact, the movement has made up a completely nonexistent Hebrew verb tense to falsely support their theology. The danger of this theology is the preaching of a sinless gospel, which is no gospel at all, and offers no salvation to any.
Who is Wisdom in Proverbs 8? Some false religions try to claim that Wisdom is Christ, and then use this logic to say that Jesus had to be a created being, but this argument falls apart with its own inconsistencies if given any true study. Let's look at the beauty of Proverbs 8, and its description of one of the eternal attributes of God.
Many false teachers use verses meant to describe the hope we have in Christ while we are on this side of heaven as "proof" texts about the abundant prosperity we are destined to have in this life if we "only believe." Read with me as we discuss some common false teachings and compared their deceptive use of scripture to the actual meanings of the biblical texts.
This article discusses the similarities between the teaching of the Jehovah's Witnesses that Jesus is not God to the "little gods" heresy of some prosperity preachers today. These two derivations from scripture have similar roots, and both errors share some fundamental misunderstands from scripture.
I grew up in a world where it was commonly taught that after Jesus died on the cross, he had to suffer in hell at the hand of Satan. This teaching was everywhere in the 1980s TBN world, but is it true? Many have backed off from this obvious false teaching, but not everyone. What does the Bible say happened to Jesus between the cross and the resurrection?