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Many false teachers use verses meant to describe the hope we have in Christ while we are on this side of heaven as "proof" texts about the abundant prosperity we are destined to have in this life if we "only believe." Read with me as we discuss some common false teachings and compared their deceptive use of scripture to the actual meanings of the biblical texts.
Many people teach that God's power ended with the completion of the New Testament. But does the Bible give it's own self-expiration date? Is there biblical support for the cessationist view? Read this letter to a Jehovah's Witness friend where I discuss these issues, and show the biblical truth regarding the continuing power of God.

Also discussed is the Christian's adoption into the Jewish promise as Abraham's seed.
The Bible says a lot about healing - so much so that to simply dismiss healing as not for today is a grave error and a disservice to God. This entry tells of my personal journey in healing, but my testimony is not the Word of God, so after my story, we look into the Word of God to see what it has to say on the subject.
Having previously looked at promises of healing in the Bible, in this entry, we review examples where healing was not granted in New Testament scripture. Sometimes, God even seems to allow sickness or suffering for our own good. Sometimes, Jesus healed one of many and then walked away. Maybe we are not meant to be dogmatic regarding God's promises of healing, and maybe we're to trust his sovereignty.

This entry is my first entry on healing, and looking back, it must be considered in light of the others. This writing discusses Paul's thorn in the flesh, healing in the atonement, and the correct interpretation of Proverbs 23:7, from which comes the common phrase, "as man thinks in his heart, so is he."