I’m David

Simply stated, I want this site to focus only on Christ, and my thoughts and learnings on what it means to be a true Christian according to the Bible. This is my metanoia, and the lessons I have discovered, and am attempting to put into practice, on the endless path to Christlikeness.

Many of the topics discussed on mymetanoia.net center on beliefs that I may have once adhered to which I have discovered are not accurate when viewed in light of the whole of the Bible. Because of this, it may appear at times that I am only trying to disprove others, but in reality, I am working myself through what is incorrect about some of my former beliefs by discovering what the Bible really says. This is especially true with regard to what many would call the “word of faith” or “prosperity gospel” movements, which I have come to realize are often a dangerous distortion of the Word of God in the today’s Church.

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