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Rough notes from the Book of Romans, as prepared for a home Bible study. These notes were inintially created in theWord Bible software, but have been transfered here to make available to others.
This is a study through Matthew 24, with a partial Preterist perspective. For Jesus' response to his disciples' questions regarding the destruction of the temple and the signs of his coming and the end of the age, this article assumes the break between Jesus' answering regarding the temple and his answering regarding the end of the age occurs at verse 36. This is set up in the style of a typical study Bible.
This entry gives several parings of scripture from the New World Translation that are used to show that the NWT, despite its many changes and distortions, still shows Jesus to be God and the Holy Spirit to be a personhood of God. These scriptures can be viewed/demonstrated on JW.org and would be good to know if the opportunity for conversation with a Jehovah's Witness arises.
Andy Stanley is well known for compromise in the name of grace. He regularly insults the Word of God (the Bible) and sows doubt regarding it's accuracy and importance. The Grace of God, released in 2010, shares a needed message of God's grace, but threaded throughout the book are biblical falsehoods. Andy is a master of language, and he uses his mastery to denigrate God's Word, God's righteousness, and the severity of sin.
It seems everyone today is declaring and decreeing rather than asking God according to his word. Is this a biblical stance in prayer for all situations and circumstances? Have we really been given such authoritative power in our lives? Isn't it God who calls things that be not as though they were? Is there anyone else in the Bible who similarly wanted to be like the Most High?
I once lived in a world similar to the world of Bethel, Elevation, and Hillsong United. Fortunately, God has delivered me from the heretical teachings of these groups. However, much of the music in the church today comes from these very organizations. While the music is often benign, I've grown to see it as the musical candy luring unsuspecting people into the van of heresy.

But if the music is benign, why does it matter? Does it matter where your church sources their music?
The entire timeline of the seven year tribulation period rests on the interpretation of Daniel 9. The modern tribulation view is relatively new in church history. For years, many considered Daniel 9 a beautiful prophcy fulfilled.
I grew up in a world that was constantly looking for the anti-christ and the beginning of a pre-tribulation rapture. For much of my life, I didn't even know other options existed, or that my worldview was relatively new in the history of the church. This article discusses a more traditional, alternate view of eschatology that recognizes that some parts of the Bible many have always viewed as "future" might have already taken place.

The Gospel of John is a great starting place when looking for confirmation of the Deity of Jesus, who, in a fashion beyond our understanding, is not only God, but is the one God along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. This essay looks at deity throughout John's gospel, and highlights places where the New World Translation has misconstrued the text to salvage their doctrines. In smaller part, the deity and personhood of the Holy Spirit is discovered as well.
This entry is a model prayer for the United States, which can be applied to any country or nation or nationality, that is based on Jesus' model of prayer from the Sermon on the Mount.
From the time of Christ, the word "σταυρός" (transliteration "stauros") has meant a stake with the traditional cross-beam. However, in an effort to frighten followers away from the "pagan Christian Cross," the governing body of the Jehovah's Witnesses has gone through great lengths to hide the truth of this simple Greek word. This article explores why it is important to affirm that the Christian Cross was indeed made of two pieces of wood.
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the "prophets of God" out of the woodwork, despite none of them seeming to have predicted the outbreak in the first place. What does the Bible say about prophecy, and does the New Testament teach that accuracy no longer matters? This article explores (and exposes) the modern prophecy movement found in many churches today, and looks to the Bible to see what God's word really says about the subject.
Some people in the Word of Faith movement try to "protect" the reputation of God by saying that anything "bad" we might see in the Bible is not a direct result of God doing something, but rather is a result of his "permissive will." In other words, they claim "God's hands are clean, as someone else carried out the deed." This same group teaches that "Jesus is perfect theology" and since Jesus only showed love, anything from the Bible that we would not consider "love" cannot be attributed to God directly. There is no biblical support for this false teaching. In fact, the movement has made up a completely nonexistent Hebrew verb tense to falsely support their theology. The danger of this theology is the preaching of a sinless gospel, which is no gospel at all, and offers no salvation to any.
The Bible's lessons on respecting governmental authority can be tough to swallow in our current culture of excessive freedom (and yes, that freedom is a grace from God), but this doesn't negate the Bible's words on the topic. The Bible says that all government is God ordained. If it was true in Nero's time, we have no excuse to deny the same truth today. How doe we respond as Christians to the Biblical truths regarding government?
Doctrines of healing range from "not today" to "everyone, instantly, all the time." This article reviews every instance of the Hebrew word rapha' in the old testament. The idea that every Christian should always be physically healed is discussed in light of how this word is used, and with that, Isaiah 53 is reviewed in detail.

This in-depth review of scripture will give us a better revelation of the true, deeper healing that is provided for all. Sometimes God does heal physically as well, but if we fail to receive that, it does not mean something is wrong with our faith or confession or giving, as many television and online "ministers" often claim.
This entry is simply Phil Moore's magnificent thesis, A Healthy Theology of Healing, in an easy to read format. All verse references are fully spelled out and tagged. All images are included. This is a great article which discusses several common views on healing. A must-read for anyone interested in the topic!
Who is Wisdom in Proverbs 8? Some false religions try to claim that Wisdom is Christ, and then use this logic to say that Jesus had to be a created being, but this argument falls apart with its own inconsistencies if given any true study. Let's look at the beauty of Proverbs 8, and its description of one of the eternal attributes of God.
It is popular in the modern church to go on and on about how lucky we are that we are friends of God, but was this the disciples' focus? There are actually very few scriptures that say we are friends of God, but there are many that point out our slavery to Christ. What is a bondservant (or servant), and how does this word represent the true nature of our position to Christ as God's children?

Many people think that they can simply live good lives and that will be enough of a witness to others, but the Bible doesn't agree with this. The Bible says that it is the gospel that is the power of God for salvation, even though it is an offense as well. We must be willing to share the full gospel with others, which includes acknowledging people's sin. If one doesn't know he has sinned against God, he will not realize that he needs to repent and turn from sin in receiving salvation.

Notes on the first four chapters of Proverbs, which were prepared for a Bible study I was attending at the time.