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It seems everyone today is declaring and decreeing rather than asking God according to his word. Is this a biblical stance in prayer for all situations and circumstances? Have we really been given such authoritative power in our lives? Isn't it God who calls things that be not as though they were? Is there anyone else in the Bible who similarly wanted to be like the Most High?
The entire timeline of the seven year tribulation period rests on the interpretation of Daniel 9. The modern tribulation view is relatively new in church history. For years, many considered Daniel 9 a beautiful prophcy fulfilled.
This entry is a model prayer for the United States, which can be applied to any country or nation or nationality, that is based on Jesus' model of prayer from the Sermon on the Mount.
The Bible says a lot about healing - so much so that to simply dismiss healing as not for today is a grave error and a disservice to God. This entry tells of my personal journey in healing, but my testimony is not the Word of God, so after my story, we look into the Word of God to see what it has to say on the subject.
"If Bush is not reelected, the world will end as we know it, and if God is in control, he will win!" -When he was not reelected, "God is still in control, and this isn't the end of the world."

At a prayer meeting when Clinton was president, hearing "If Clinton doesn't immediately turn and do (something), strike him dead to remove him from office."

Hearing of a native Russian in 1993 speaking about removing Lenin's statues in Russia, "I don't think they should take him down... Because he's a part of our history... The Bible says we are to respect the government, and he was our government too."

What are the circumstances that should drive our voting? Our protesting? Our going to war? Our fighting against other humans who are made in God's image? Or is our battle a spiritual one, and are we doing it all wrong?

This journal entry speaks to the importance of keeping in prayer for fellow believers. We must stay in unity with our brethren.

Sometimes our prayers just don't seem to be answered. What does the Bible say about prayer? What are some Biblical reasons for prayer that appears unanswered?
Having looked at Jesus' teachings regarding money and prosperity, this fourth entry in our series on prosperity looks at the New Testament teachings on the subject. Are we to simply "be rich" because we are Christians? How does the Bible describe our labors and earnings in Christ?
We are all one in Christ, and we are called to "get along." While we may disagree with others, if those disagreements aren't about core tenants of Christianity, then we still need to recognize that many of those we disagree with are our brothers. None of us are perfect in what we know, so we need to be gracious. We all can learn something, and we should be open to what others have to say.

Of course, if a core doctrine of Christianity is being maligned, then yes, we need to speak out and mark such doctrines and teachers as false.
How, and for how long does God ask us to pray? Are we heard for our longsuffering in prayer? Is the persistent widow an example of how we must keep banging on God's door to get him to respond? We'll look at these questions in this study.
Thoughts, which have varied over time, regarding how God uses us in prayer and his sovereignty regardless of what we choose to do. Ultimately, God has called us to consistent prayer, and we should strive to obey this calling.