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Doctrines of healing range from "not today" to "everyone, instantly, all the time." This article reviews every instance of the Hebrew word rapha' in the old testament. The idea that every Christian should always be physically healed is discussed in light of how this word is used, and with that, Isaiah 53 is reviewed in detail.

This in-depth review of scripture will give us a better revelation of the true, deeper healing that is provided for all. Sometimes God does heal physically as well, but if we fail to receive that, it does not mean something is wrong with our faith or confession or giving, as many television and online "ministers" often claim.
This entry is simply Phil Moore's magnificent thesis, A Healthy Theology of Healing, in an easy to read format. All verse references are fully spelled out and tagged. All images are included. This is a great article which discusses several common views on healing. A must-read for anyone interested in the topic!
The Bible says a lot about healing - so much so that to simply dismiss healing as not for today is a grave error and a disservice to God. This entry tells of my personal journey in healing, but my testimony is not the Word of God, so after my story, we look into the Word of God to see what it has to say on the subject.
Having previously looked at promises of healing in the Bible, in this entry, we review examples where healing was not granted in New Testament scripture. Sometimes, God even seems to allow sickness or suffering for our own good. Sometimes, Jesus healed one of many and then walked away. Maybe we are not meant to be dogmatic regarding God's promises of healing, and maybe we're to trust his sovereignty.

This entry is my first entry on healing, and looking back, it must be considered in light of the others. This writing discusses Paul's thorn in the flesh, healing in the atonement, and the correct interpretation of Proverbs 23:7, from which comes the common phrase, "as man thinks in his heart, so is he."