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Rough notes from the Book of Romans, as prepared for a home Bible study. These notes were inintially created in theWord Bible software, but have been transfered here to make available to others.
This is a study through Matthew 24, with a partial Preterist perspective. For Jesus' response to his disciples' questions regarding the destruction of the temple and the signs of his coming and the end of the age, this article assumes the break between Jesus' answering regarding the temple and his answering regarding the end of the age occurs at verse 36. This is set up in the style of a typical study Bible.
The entire timeline of the seven year tribulation period rests on the interpretation of Daniel 9. The modern tribulation view is relatively new in church history. For years, many considered Daniel 9 a beautiful prophcy fulfilled.

Notes on the first four chapters of Proverbs, which were prepared for a Bible study I was attending at the time.